Web or Shops Development

Applications of Support Ticket Web Packs :

In development of Websites and portals for:

  • Creation and layout of new pages.
  • Creating banners, graphics and retouching of images.
  • Retouching and creation of templates.
  • Installation and Customization of modules (extensions Joomla or Wordpress)
  • Installation Adwords Conversion Tracking codes.
  • Installating Analytics codes.
  • Maintenance and web updates.
  • Management and database debugging.
  • How to Do questions. (Learn how to manage your website. Related only operation and customer web servers located in Eternitic)
  • ......

In addition to the above, Management Development and Online Stores also for:

  •  Configures private payment gateways (Sermepa, CECA, Pasat 4B, BBVA, etc.)*
  • Shipping configurations depending on the shipping address (country and zip code) and the total weight of purchase.
  • Setup shipping and handling using dynamic modules (InterShipper, UPS, USPS, FedEx o Canada Post; the modules use the API for shipping charges).
  • Creation and layout of new pages.
  •  Creation and product management
  • Banners creation, graphics and retouching images.
  • Retouching and creation of templates.
  • Installation and Customization of modules (Joomla extensions).
  • Management and database debugging
  • Integrations with other tools customer management.
  • How to Do questions. (Learn how to manage your store. Related only store client running on servers located on Eternitic)
  • ......

4 Hours Pack for 250 € 


10 Hours Pack for 500 €


  • If you are not satisfied withing the first 30 days, we give your money back.
    Immediate and no questions. The work done is not refundable.
  • Credit card and Paypal: Automatic activation.
  • Cash and Bank Transfer Income: Manual activation to receive the voucher.

If your project is more complex, please contact us for assistance.


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