Phone calls

Our support does not answer phone calls , inter alia, for the following reasons:

We aim to provide a quality service at a low price, the first reason I do not pay telephone service is because it would require resources significantly raises the costs of penalizing the customer type over another. When you open a ticket, if you select either the area or department that is sent, the information goes directly to professional able to solve it, it will evaluate it and include it in their programming tasks.

We work with a growing number of freelancers and SMEs to those who are doing work of various kinds, many of these jobs are scheduled and we can not prioritize one over the other leaving the work that is being done, that very often requires certain concentration, to take a phone call from another client who would come just one incidence of kind or nature. Our management system with the ticket system has the ability to select the priority of the issue and when it is high, we proceed to immediately evaluate and act accordingly. Always have priority all related incidents hosting service.

Many of the issues raised require:

  • Detailed information on the incidence, the client detects the effect, but the same effect can be caused by several components and requires a previous analysis before being resolved, so a call will not allow its resolution at the same, so request that you detail in the incidence ticket with as much detail as possible
  • Access to client websites or accounts or SEM SEO therefore can not be resolved immediately. Faults may appear to be simple to solve can not be and vice versa, often have to make some necessary checks and consult with the developers of each component, all this takes time and can not provide immediate answers.
  • Sometimes the effect is caused by some process that the client has performed poorly and before the ticket is answered, it alreay has realized the error and resolved tis cost saving in the case of payment support. There are calls that are made on impulse and are only to warn of an incident, sometimes unrelated to our services and possibly resolves itself.

Many of the issues and incidents that occur to a client later you may encounter to another, with this system are recorded in our knowledge base to improve service cost and response time. We try not to have technicians who are solving consistently recurring themes. Similarly, the customer, has a written history that can be accessed from the patient area with all the queries you have made and the solutions found in this way, if it occurs again in the future, answers to times.

Especially in the adaptations and new orders placed on the projects, it is essential to keep a check written on the changes requested by the client, and then to justify the work and the cost cu involving case. With this system we can know the exact time that we apply to each task and then, in the case of supports payment, customer impact, for it can not be interrupted because it breaks the concentration and time dilates.

Despite being an SME, our company does not have a local focus, but national and international and work remotely with several clients in Spain to those who do not know personally and we continue to grow in this direction, so it is necessary to work under a secure system in which not only the data provided to us what they are, but queries, requests and jobs that we handle coming from the authorized persons. Our client area is under a secure protocol and all consultations, work requests, orders, invoices and communications are performed by authorized contacts and media. Only authorized people can find sensitive data such as keys for accessing hosting servers and outsource or queries.

But if at any time we believe it is more operational a call to resolve a doubt, it will be because after crossing several emails through the system, with the authorized person on the account, not just understand the demand that is requested. Note that in any case the call is finished you will have to send in writing the details of the work to be performed and the call to serve our technician will explain how we have to apply for the job, or to clarify written information would be much more long story.

The times by phone empleásemos also be deducted from your support service or increase in the cost of projects.


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