specializes in web solution development and implementation of actions SEO, SEM and SMM, aimed at attracting customers online and adapted to SMEs.

We have represented the values ​​and capabilities of these three characters actions Mr SEO, SEM and SuMum, with their help you will:

  • sell
  • attract new customers or referrals
  • get prescribers
  • increase and improve their brand image
  • socialize and get to know your customers and prospects
  • support and optimize your advertising campaign Offline
  • explore new markets at local, national or international ...

In Eternitic, we know that the online market is becoming increasingly competitive and users require solutions tailored to their profiles, needs and interests, so we offer flexible solutions tailored to our clients' businesses pursuing the goal to monetize your niche Internet market.

We adapt to your business

With our Payment Support and through the ticket system we adapt to the needs of your online business, whether to modify or develop your website or online store  , make and implement your SEO strategy , create and manage your SEM campaigns in Adwords, Youtube, Facebook ... or improve your Social Media activities.

Accessing our client area.


You hire and manage support packs:

  • Develop Websites and Online Store as.
  • Modif and adjust your current web.
  • Perform actions SEO,SEM and SMM as.

Hire a pack and ask for what you need.

How does the support payment?

If you have a stable but limited budget , check out our custom packs and find out about our services in .



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Many focus on the answers, we prefer to do it in the questions.

What is the profile of my client on the Internet, what is their motivation, decision factors?More


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Over 15 years in the field of Marketing let us know and reconcile the two worlds, the traditional and the digital.  Eternitic is the first Spanish company with successful solutions specially adapted to SMEs

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