What is a support ticket

In Eternitic every message we receive is coded with 6 random numbers to track.

We have daily a list of tickets , which would be the messages sent by the customers or people interested in our services and as we answer, the status of these messages is changing.

We have a technical team continuously monitor the tickets we receive. Telephone requests can not attend that endanger the security of their services or the confidentiality of your data, the ticket system is secure, fast and reliable

If Eternitic client can generate new Tickets consultation from your client area http://www.gestion.eternitic.com/clientarea.php

Once you log into your private space client (client area) under the central section quick search, is the status of your tickets with a link that indicates Create new ticket, which lets you select the department that goes well as the priority level of the message.

Both the main screen of your client area, and in the Quick Links menu, you can view all of your tickets and you can check the status and answers to your posts. We indicate the different states that may have a Ticket:

  • Open: Just launched the consultation
  • Pending: A technician is answering your inquiry and we are awaiting completion.
  • Answered: We have made a response to you request
  • Customer Response: We received a response from you to a ticket open consultation or answered by our technicians.
  • In progress: The technicians are monitoring the task seeking answers to their queries, etc.
  • Closed: Initial consultation which began Ticket concluded.

 * The Tickets Standby state automatically close within 48 hours if you have not gotten a response from you. No problem if it is closed and pressing to respond automatically be reopened later need additional clarification

* The tickets are usually generated from the client area but also be generated by sending email. If a customer, email account required to accommodate requests should always be authorized in your Client Area so we can confirm it comes from a reliable source

* Responses to Tickets are stored in your client area section My query tickets and sent a copy to the email account that generated the initial ticket

* The tickets can be initiated through email accounts, but keep in mind that we can only serve requests that we receive from unauthorized email accounts in your Client Area well because it is the email account listed as primary or additional contact and has marked the Support option. That way we can ensure the safety of its contracted services as well as data of your customer account


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