Have you made the right questions?

The web site structure, strategy and business online, largely their success is determined by the reasons that has internet and goals so completing.

conversion_clientesFor who is the Website directed?

  • Level Formation. Level of experience using the Internet and search engines.
  • Level of knowledge of the contents of the website.
  • Where are you located.
  • What language is spoken.
  • Age
  • Dos the portal is directed to other companies or individuals?
  • It´s aimed at local audiences, regional, national, international or global
Son algunas de las preguntas básicas que se han de definir la utilidad de nuestra presencia en Internet.
These are some of the basic questions that have to define the usefulness of our web presence.
The website should be understood as a focused business unit performance and you must have the tactical objectives to fulfill and a way to evaluate them.
  • We help you to establish your objectives, should have your web to generate business.
  • We enable you to attract new customers and markets.
  • We deliver timely reports that help you understand and improve your business.
Objectives defined, appropriate strategies, tailor made pages the user and a dedicated team to provide knowledge and experience in the field, generate a successful solution to integrate into your business.

Why be online?

Because your customers and your competitors already are.

Be informed without compromise on how to achieve your business goals.


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Over 15 years in the field of Marketing let us know and reconcile the two worlds, the traditional and the digital.  Eternitic is the first Spanish company with successful solutions specially adapted to SMEs

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