How the time is applied

By hiring the package, has a balance in minutes , our staff time dedicated to work in minutes charge is computed, we apply minimum fractions so if you took a minute to process your application, it uses just one minute of your support time.

Our experience in managing technical staff time made ​​us have a very high level of efficiency, we can respond and / orresolve issues within minutes that others could take hours , even then there are simple tasks that seem take time.

For all this we can not guarantee that the times that we use are those you trust. Experience tells us that there are issues that you resolve in 1 minute and you're saving a lot of money with that answer and another might be to consume more time than you thought, the media always makes us have a good quality compared to the time taken and the longer our service you consume, the more efficient our average cost / hour.

In this aspect of minutes consumption can lead to confusion as it may be that one of our technicians to respond in a minute something you already know and you may have spent years learning and other seemingly simple request consume more time than you thought.

It is unusual, but if you ask us something we do not know or have never seen, we will notify you to take this into account if the ruling can consume more than half the cost of the package purchased and such action is expressly authorized.

How I can save time?

Once you have hired and authorized a package of support, recommend opening as many tickets as jobs need to perform, advise you to open one ticket per task or question to group similar tasks to optimize time and to improve them further control .

In some cases, we may need more detail to your requests and / or we have to make more in-depth analysis to perform the job, the better prepared you give us work and the more detailed is less time employ in analyzing and poderos provide answers. 
reminder that all these analysis tasks are charged by your time spent Support Service.

Our intention is to be as efficient as possible to offer the service and the entire technical department is focused on optimizing response times, yet we have found customers not considered adequate our time, at our discretion due to ignorance of the work involved and / or not having experience in hiring qualified personnel.

What times are computed?

Once a ticket is open directed a particular department, in that ticket,  the client must include the basic necessary information is to perform the work (if the keys on a website FTP access, Cpanel ... and if it works SEM's hits adwords accounts etc. ..), if our technicians understand who need more will let you know by replying to this ticketwithout consumption of time for this reason .

Once the access and information needed, our technicians begin conducting consigning work only effective times applied to the resolution of each task.

Shall apply the time dedicated to:

  • Telephone conversations to answer questions or define the work to be done.
  • Preparation of budgets.
  • Training sessions.
  • Resolution Bugs (errors) in installation of the client.
  • Report and document the work done.
  • Safety Audit and cleanning o hacked sites.
  • And any technical or commercial work related to your queries.

What times do not count?

No preparation up times of work, the study or finding the right solution, or of course the intermediates that occur until the end of the ticket (even though we try to solve all tickets within not exceeding 72 hours from the time you have everything you need, it is possible that a single ticket to generate various inputs and final resolution occurs several days after opening).

The times that technicians employed in your requests and determine how to work or if they work or not and the timing of the Technical Director or Commercial employing staff monitoring and knowing what applications you have running, you are not recognized on Support your time. This is our job and we take as cost for our staff know your needs and the work we do on your site. For us it is very important to know exactly what are you asking, thus we can assign the most appropriate technical job and get a good quality / price.

When expire?

The handling times do not expire , if not exhausted to the efforts for which they were hired, are available in the client area to use at any time in the future.

How do I know the time is available?

When few minutes of time you will be notified via a support ticket. After its completion, if requested, we will send a report on the tickets and detailed consumption in image format, do not provide progress reports.

Time? Support I can apply to different subjects?

If, for example, hire a WEB Support pack can not apply the remaining times SEO tasks, you should hire a package of specific times the subject.


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