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Eternitic born as a company in 2006 and consists of a group of experts SEO, SEM and Social Media with over 15 years experience in the field of business marketing, especially oriented to SMEs.

  During this time it has established itself as a reputable company in the development of Internet Marketing actions supported by the professionalism and effectiveness of its members, in its wide range of services and management system and customer under the Ticket formula that allows you to work with customers around the world in real time and at low cost.

Need to sell are:

  • Need companies monetize their online presence . Companies are aware that more and more part of their market on the internet and try to compete for this market.
  • Adapt your supply / internet business . In Eternitic we do not just provide a service, we advise our clients to adapt your company, business or offer to the Internet field and accompany you on the way to achieving profitability for the project.
  • Optimize budgets, the Internet is a very wide and is easy for a large part of the budget that is allocated to Internet marketing is lost in unproductive activities, the lower the budget, the more you need an expert to it profited.
  • Development of commercial sites . Today people believe in the company website as a static element, it has great potential to compete on the Internet, the websites of the companies are evolving , undergoing constant change and evolution, and must adapt to his audience on the Internet.

  With our affiliate program, we aim to build a network of partners from a working approach transparent, honest and ethical. We want to promote a beneficial relationship for all parties with the confidence that customers recommended or "referrals" will receive a quality service at competitive prices.


Our Services

Eternitic, specializes in web solution development and implementation of actions SEO, SEM and SMM adapted to SMEs with the aim of:

  • Sell.
  • Attract new customers or referrals.
  • Increase and improve your brand image.
  • Support and optimize your advertising campaign Offline.
  • Explore new markets at local, national or international ...

To achieve these objectives we perform several actions, individually or together, enabling your business to be found on the net when a potential customer is looking for your products or services, specifically provide:


  • SEO Search Engine Optimization 
  • Optimization SEM search engine advertising 
  • Advertising on the Google Display Network (Banners on websites by sector, guidance, hobbies ...) 
  • Video marketing (SEO and SEM) and Mobile Marketing 
  • Creation or adaptation of websites to your market and objectives.

We are certified partners of Google Adwords and Analytics. Such certificates endorse our advanced knowledge and experience in implementing solutions distinguishes us as Google or preferred partners.
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To carry out all site work, we have a team of expert programmers, especially in developments with Joomla and Wordpress.


Key benefits for our Affiliates


Special Conditions Affiliate Program

  •  If you choose to collect the amount, payment of fees is made between the 15th and 25th of each month.
  •  The minimum amount that you may perform a payment is 250 €, while that figure is not reached commissions accumulate, with high will give you a € 50 bonus for you attain before the first payment.
  •  The fees are reimbursable when they trasnscirrido 60 days from collection of the contracted services. During this period you will see in your Area Affiliate the amount of commissions pending move to refund.
  •  The ultilización discount codes, except those generated specifically for affiliates, is not compatible with generating commissions.
  •  We do not allow illegal activities or spam in our affiliate program. Use marketing tools ethically and legally.
  •  You can not use your affiliate link for your own purchases of services or for customers who already are in Eternitic.
  •  Eternitic reserves the right to cancel an affiliate account, when you understand that they are in breach of the conditions of the general program or the services provided by Eternitic.


FAQ - Affiliate Network and Partners

To market these services, Eternitic has been working successfully and regularly with other professionals and companies. In order to expand the network and improve the collaboration we have prepared this document is intended as a guide to govern relations between the parties.

Who can become an affiliate or partner?

In principle we can work with any professional or company that has the ability to generate leads and sales of any of our services.

What sets affiliate partner?

What is a referral?

What effect does high as an affiliate?

How are promotions of services?

What is the remuneration received by the members and collaborators?

What are the terms of payment of remuneration generated?

What about promotion codes?

Is it possible to create a stable customer base?

What if the referral does not pay?



Hiring our services come with the assurance of experience, expertise and professionalism of our technicians who are experts in each subject and in particular for the services and optimization SEM SEO we have a team recognized by Google Adwords Certified Partner and Google Analytics.

Also, our customers and affiliates have our commitment to efficiency and profitability, full transparency in management, technical support and ongoing information about the evolution of his campaign and actions.






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Over 15 years in the field of Marketing let us know and reconcile the two worlds, the traditional and the digital.  Eternitic is the first Spanish company with successful solutions specially adapted to SMEs

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