For necesitéis only timely action is likely to pack the first four hours is sufficient to analyze your tools must perform the required work and, in the case that your requests or projects more complicated we may need more time for this previous analysis.

In complex systems it is possible that you may have to hire a first package for one of our technicians can analyze your needs, study your site and perform a first analysis of the work that You ask, so pruning then hire a pack of hours for your needs . Podeís also hire a pack of custom analysis , in which an expert will visit you personally to focus your project.

Please note:

The budgets for work to be performed are approximate. Our technicians report on an estimated time that can pose particular job, and usually the deviations do not exceed 15%. When working with large volumes of programming hours the percentage of deviation may be higher. Being a support, which usually involve elements of diagnosis and development of several alternative resolution until the job does not start, you can not determine the ease or complexity of the 100%.

  • No work on projects that have to intervene thirds performing another task in the same tool.
  • We can not always adapt your delivery needs, we will inform you if we are unable to fulfill your timming.
  • Are not supported on older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 and earlier, if you want special support for any device or browser or version specified must apply prior to the completion of the work and feasibility study.

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