Social Media

  • We create and manage your corporate blog as a channel of communication with your patients, suppliers or partners.
  • We generate networking, connecting with prescribers, clients or followers.
  • Generate and integrate video into your website or online communications tool and we promote viral marketing.
  • Designs and integrate your profile on social networks best situited o your goals (facebook, linkedin, titter, tuenti, xing ...)

 Have you counted how many hours of your time is spent to update the profile of your company on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin? Have you started your Social action a goal or target defined? Do you generate and sharevaluable content for your online relationships? Did you get any resultsapart from the number of contacts? These are some of the most important questions you should do, if the answers do not satisfy you, please contact us, we can help.

We provide you access to the greatest revolution of the Internet, which enables anyone to create their own content and interact in this environment freely.

The massive and indiscriminate use of social media can turn against you, do not include social media in your communications strategy without defining the communication profile you need and the objectives you want to meet.

Escape the social media buying "the weight" of anything you SIRVand have hundreds of friends or followers unreal or synchronize, without more, your blog to other sites that nurture content.

SUMUM_Final_Transparentepeq¿Why with SuMuM?

  • She knows the valuye of networking on the Internet beyond.
  • Listen to what people say about us on the net and intervenes if necessary.
  • Identify and select blogs, forums, specifiers... that can help our brand.
  • Build relationships, not build numbers.

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Have you made ​​the right questions?

Many focus on the answers, we prefer to do it in the questions.

What is the profile of my client on the Internet, what is their motivation, decision factors?More


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Over 15 years in the field of Marketing let us know and reconcile the two worlds, the traditional and the digital.  Eternitic is the first Spanish company with successful solutions specially adapted to SMEs

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