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The best way to throw money on the Internet is to invest money in link building or SEO gurus if you have targeted and optimized web previously, or make Adwords campaigns unprepared focused landing pages convert traffic into sales or referrals.

What should I do?

  • A current Web, tailored, targeted and optimized for search engines if you make and investment in SEO. Use a CMS recognized not invent or go to free portals or amateurs. Your customers are not second. The best rule is to ask yourself if you would buy on a website like that if it was not your business.
  • One or more landing pages if your invest in Adwords, clearly will improve conversions and ultimately lower your CPC.
  • If you go to work social networks, you must prepare your Fan Pages to stanf out from the others and make sure that your web-blog communication-network is adequate.
  • Shop Online with high capacity and high level of convertibility, cross sales, coupons management, subscriptions, newsletters, diffrerent price levels for different customers, ability to conduct campaigns, product slideshows... 


Our Websites

  • 100% Google Friendly. High indexing capability.
  • Dynamic websites with unlimited ability to manage content.
  • High Scalability (over 4500 extensions). Everything imaginable can be included on the web.
  • ZERO Risk of obsolence, constant new versions and adaptations.
  • Multilanguage (Optional).
  • ZERO Cost licenses.
  • gatabase generation and customer contact.
  • Hierarchy of users to work with different permission levels.
  • Possibility of future changes in corporate image without having to re-generate content-
  • Enables automation of processes.
  • Audit usability.
  • Landing Pages oriented to conversions.
  • High quality and brand image.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Self-managed (wit video tutorials)

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Many focus on the answers, we prefer to do it in the questions.

What is the profile of my client on the Internet, what is their motivation, decision factors?More


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Over 15 years in the field of Marketing let us know and reconcile the two worlds, the traditional and the digital.  Eternitic is the first Spanish company with successful solutions specially adapted to SMEs

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